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Concrete Tiles - Striata

Striata Long

Crisp, Clean and Contemporary

The Striata shingle roof tile with it's flat profile has been a preferred choice of discerning Australian home owners for decades.

A cheaper alternative to that of the very expensive slate and timber shingle.

Available Colours

Dimensions:432mm (L) x 345mm (W)
Mass: 5.5kg per tile
Set Out:355mm Batten Spacing
Bond: Cross Bond
Coverage: 9.4 tiles per meter squared

Min Roof Pitch: Minimum recommended pitch under normal conditions, is 15° with sarking and 20° without sarking. Sarking may be required at pitches greater than 20° in areas requiring special consideration, such as coastal areas and exposed or elevated sites.
Max Rafter Length: At the minimum roof pitch the maximum rafter length allowed is 4.5 metres. For rafter lengths over 4.5 metres, Boral Roofing recommends you add 2° to the pitch for every metre of additional rafter length.
Quality: All tiles are designed to conform to the Australian Standards AS 2049 Roof Tiles, and AS 2050 Installation of roof tiles.


Affordable Looks: With an attractive appearance and proven protection at a low cost, concrete tiles remain Australia's poplular choice.

Huge Colour Range: Colours to compliment and colour scheme or design.

Low Maintenance: Once tiles are installed there is little or no maintenance. Should a section of the roof ever be damaged, there is the added advantage of individual tile replacement over large steel sheets.

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