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French Terracotta Tiles

Warmth to Modern Living

When it comes to durability, nothing lasts longer than a Boral French terracotta tiles! At Metropolitan Roof Tiles we have an extensive range of Boral terracotta roof tiles in a variety of colours, finishes and profiles.

Boral terracotta roof tiles are crafted from natural clay that has been glazed, kiln fired and vitrified resulting in a strong and stain resistant roof tile able to withstand time and nature’s harsh elements. Suitable for properties in any location including surf and coastal areas.


Available Colours

Dimensions:423mm (L) x 265mm (W)
Mass: 3.10kg per tile
Set Out:337mm (min) - 362mm (max)
Bond: Cross Bond
Coverage: 12.1 tiles per meter squared

Min Roof Pitch: Minimum recommended pitch under normal conditions, is 15° with sarking and 20° without sarking. Sarking may be required at pitches greater than 20° in areas requiring special consideration, such as coastal areas and exposed or elevated sites.
Max Rafter Length: At the minimum roof pitch the maximum rafter length allowed is 4.5 metres. For rafter lengths over 4.5 metres, Boral Roofing recommends you add 2° to the pitch for every metre of additional rafter length.
Quality: All tiles are designed to conform to the Australian Standards AS 2049 Roof Tiles, and AS 2050 Installation of roof tiles.


Premium Quality: Crafted from select natural clays that are kiln-fired to temperatures of 1100°C for exceptional character and strength that is virtually maintenance free.

Colour Integrity: A vitreous coating protects each tile from harsh UV exposure for superior colour performance. Select from four finishes from matt through to gloss.

Unique Design: Each tile interlocks at the head and the sides for superior weather-proofing and the channels act as a natural watercourse for collecting rain.

Performance Guaranteed: Made to withstand harsh climatic and marine environments, Boral French terracotta roof tiles are built to last. They are salt safe and frost resistant, making them suitable for any location including coastal areas.

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